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December Calendar

 12/1                  Field Trip: Gr. 6 - Pacific Aviation Museum
 12/2                  Field Trip: Gr. 3 - HTY
 12/5                  Field Trip: Gr. 1 - HYSymphony
                              Field Trip: Gr. 6 - Loko Ea Fishpond
 12/7                  Market Day
 12/7-9              Book Fair
 12/8                  Field Trip: Gr. K (A1 & A2) - Kahuku Farms
 12/13                Field Trip: PreK & Preschool - Hawaiian Railway                      
 12/14                Candy House - Kindergarten in Cafeteria
 12/16                Field Trip: Gr. 5 - Reward
                               Field Trip: Gr. K (A3 & A4) - Kahuku Farms
                               Candy House - Gr. 6
                               Gr. 4 - Reward Day
 12/19                KPALS Performance
 12/20                Field Trip: Who’s Who Club - PR Theaters
 12/21                Candy House - PreK
 12/22-1/9        Winter Break

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