Waialua Elementary School

67-020 Waialua Beach Road * Waialua, 96791* Phone:  637-8228


Welcome to Waialua Elementary School

Important Reminders

November Calendar

 11/2            Opera
                        Art to Go: P7
 11/9           Field Trip: Gr. 2: A7/A9 - Waipahu                            
                        Plantation Village
                        Art to Go: P7
 11/10         Field Trip: Gr. 4: P4/P5 - Waimea Valley
 11/11         NO SCHOOL - Veterans’ Day
 11/16         Field Trip: Gr. 3: B1/B5 - Waimea Falls
                        Art to Go: P7
 11/18-19   Vision Screening (Gr. 3-6)
 11/20         Field Trip: Gr. 3: B3/B4 - Waimea Falls
                        Hearing Screening (Gr. K-2)
 11/21-22   Special Olympics: Bocce Ball
 11/23         Field Trip: Gr. 2: A8/A10 - Waipahu                            
                        Plantation Village
                        Art to Go: P7
 11/25         Field Trip: Gr. 4: P2/P5 - Waimea Valley
 11/26-27   NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving
 11/30         Art to Go: P7

Faculty and Staff

November’s Menu

Waialua Elementary School Handbook
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